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Whether you’re looking for a lighting design that transcends conventional boundaries, transforms architectural spaces into immersive journeys or creates emotive, intimate moments, our award-winning creative designers are here to bring your unique vision to life.

So, what makes NeonBlack unique?
Well, it's a combination of elements that define us:

With decades of experience delivering architectural lighting design in some of the world’s most iconic venues and destinations, and combining our experience from both entertainment and architecture, our schemes are unique, emotive and simply extraordinary.

Guided by an acute understanding of the interplay between light and atmosphere, we curate environments that amplify the impact of architectural spaces. Our comprehensive approach includes conceptualisation, design, implementation, and seamless execution, ensuring that the final result aligns perfectly with your vision.

You can trust us to be honest and upfront about what can be achieved within your given timeframe and budget. Our expertise lies in finding creative solutions that deliver jaw-dropping results, whatever the limitations. No false promises.

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