A wide shot of Billie Eilish on stage surrounded by the set

Billie Eilish

When we all fall asleep, where do we go?

Billie Eilish
Touring Music
Lighting Design
Production Design

An award-winning collaboration.

Winner of a Knight of Illumination Award US for Stage Lighting Design.

This was Billie's first major tour, opening with a much anticipated headline performance on the second stage at Coachella.

Working in collaboration with our friends at Cour Design and Fireplay and featuring content by Comix, the team created a visual masterpiece - all driven by Billie's narrative and creative vision.

Striking in style from beginning to end, this show was a visual tour de force and one of our favourite tours in the last five years.

“Billie Eilish is reinventing contemporary music in remarkable ways, doubly impressive for one so young. It was clear to the judges that [the] team really worked to understand Eilish’s ethos and aesthetics, to create this visually stunning work.”

Knight of Illumination Awards - USA, judging panel.

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