Lady A onstage in Las Vegas

Lady A

Our Kind of Vegas Residency

Lady A
Touring Music
Production Design
Lighting Design
Content Curation

Our Kind of Vegas

Nominated for a Knight of Illumination Award US in 2019 for Club Lighting.

Lady A tasked us with creating a spectacular, but intimate show for their Las Vegas residency. They wanted to create an environment in which they could play the hits, but also spend time telling the story of the band.

Designed around an Art-Deco theme, taken from the art direction of the promotional material, we designed a classic theatrical stage set featuring plush, lit, soft goods and an Austrian drape that could be lowered in for the intimate "Bluebird Cafe" section of the show. We designed content alongside Normal Studio that continued our Art-Deco themes and formed a series of three-dimensional backdrops for each section of the show.

The result was a beautiful, engaging evening.

" expertly designed concert production"

Las Vegas Sun

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