Sofi Tukker surrounded by Bob's Dance Shop dancers in front of the stage set.

Sofi Tukker

Wet Tennis World Tour

Sofi Tukker
Touring Music
Production Design
Lighting Design
SFX Design
Creative Director: Kunna Haan

When Sofi Tukker approached us to help with their 2023 World Tour, we were delighted to help. Based around a fabulous scenic design by creative director Kunna Haan, we put together a lighting and SFX design to complement the set and enhance the overall concert experience.

We worked closely with Sofi Tukker to ensure that every performance on their tour would be a visual and sensory masterpiece. We aimed to create a dynamic and immersive atmosphere that would synchronize seamlessly with the music, captivating the audience at every tour stop and creating an unforgettable journey for fans, making their 2023 World Tour an unforgettable spectacle.

Between the staging, the dancers the instrumentation and the playful energy, Sofi Tukker's show felt like an EDM performance trying to be anything but a classic EDM performance... ...Sofi Tukker put on a show to remember.


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